Salukat: Dewa Alit [CD]


gamelan evolusi

by Dewa Alit

1. Salju (12:40)  
2. Aes (6:16)  
3. Murwe Daksina Di Persimpangan Jalan(7:21)  
4. Salugambuh (7:03)  
5. Pangenter Alit (8:09)  
6. Semesta (9:11)  
Total Run Time: 50.7 Minutes

Producer : Dewa Alit
Recording Engineer : Paddy Sandino
Mastering Engineer : Adam Wayan Berg
Recorded at : Pura Gunung Sari, Peliatan, Bali
December 2007 -
Graphics (painting) : Dewa Alit
Photo, design and text translation : Sakuma Aya
Dewa Alit's original Indonesian text for the line notes is available at Gamelan Salukat web site.

Special thanks to Ibu Desak Nyoman Suarti, Mangku Gunung Sari and Mark Stewart.

Gamelan Salukat
Br.Pengosekan Kaja, Mas, Ubud
Gianyar Bali 80571, Indonesia

Liner Notes

I was born into a family of musicians and artists who have, for many generations, practiced the traditional arts of Bali. Growing up in that environment I developed a strong affection for our traditional music. I try to express my views and opinions about the future of Balinese music with my compositions, while at the same time respecting traditional forms and retaining their spirit.

Through the process of researching the older styles of Balinese music, I have become particularly entranced by the ancient seven-tone gamelan ensembles. These ensembles, Gambang, Gamelan Selonding and Gamelan Gong Luang, are considered very sacred by the Balinese, and are few in number on the island.

After experimentation with these, I have developed a new seven-tone gamelan, Gamelan Salukat, which draws from the tuning of the classic gamelan, and allows for new discoveries in music as well. With this new gamelan we can express continuity, progress and regeneration in a new Balinese music, and through this new music a greater understanding of traditional forms can occur.

The word Salukat is a combination of two words; "salu" and "kat". "Salu" means house, a place of shade and protection, a place to gather, to leave and return, a place to find peace of mind and to reflect on continuity and change. "Kat" signifies regeneration and the cycles of rebirth; it reminds us that time is always moving forward, that things are always changing, and that what was old, what has passed, comes back again in new forms.

- Dewa Alit

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