1. Wargasari (Evan Ziporyn)

2. Mugangara Base (Evan Ziporyn)

3. Malumé Remix (Evan Ziporyn)

4. Mugasha Loop (Evan Ziporyn)

5. Bowl Drones (Evan Ziporyn)

6. In My Mind and In My Car (Christine Southworth)

7. Monks, Not Thelonious (Christine Southworth)

8. Blow / In The Storm (Christine Southworth)

9. Underwater (Christine Southworth)


Evan Ziporyn clarinet / bass clarinet
Christine Southworth&Evan Ziporyn electronics

Christine Southworth video


An evening-length, multi-media performance traversing internal and external sound worlds, and the topographies of geography, history, and personal experience. Christine Southworth and Evan Ziporyn have created aural maps of found sounds, field and archival recordings, sounds of nature, the resonance of popular musics past and present, and electronically generated sounds, fused to evocative video imagery. Evan Ziporyn's live bass clarinet serves as guide/narrator hrough this jungle terrain, taking the audience on an experiential, emotional journey through the warp and woof of consciousness, magnified through sound and vision.


For more information on booking In My Mind and In My Car, please contact southsea@kotekan.com



VIDEO Evan Ziporyn premiering In My Mind and In My Car