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ZAP! Music for Van de Graaff Generator, Tesla Coils, Instruments, and Voices

by Christine Southworth
June 2008



Also available for download from iTunes, emusic, or Amazon.


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1. Power On (6:59) Listen (mp3, excerpt)

2. Surge (4:28) Listen (mp3, excerpt)

3. Current Consumption (5:37) Listen (mp3, excerpt)

4. Charged (10:39) Listen (mp3, excerpt)

5. Attraction (5:18) Listen (mp3, excerpt)

6. Static (6:26) Listen (mp3, excerpt)

7. Power Off (8:10) Listen (mp3, excerpt)

Total Run Time: 47.5 Minutes

Zap Cover Art


Robert Black ... bass
David Cossin ... percussion
Felix Fan ... cello
Christine Southworth ... voice
Philippa Thompson ... voice
Eddie Whalen ... guitar
Evan Ziporyn ... keyboards & clarinets

Van de Graaff Generator and Tesla Coils operated by Jeannine Trezvant.

Recorded by Joel Gordon June 18, 2006 Boston Museum of Science Theater of Electricity.

Music recorded at LOHO Studios by Lawrence Manchester June 5, 2006

Edited by Christine Southworth

Mixed and Mastered by Rob Friedman



ZAP! named "Pick of the Week"
by WNYC Soundcheck July 30, 2008


The sound of electricity at its rawest and most majestic - sparks, booms, lightning bolts, sizzling corona and low hums from giant motors - intermingle with the sounds of cello, bass, guitar, piano, clarinets, percussion and voice.

Christine Southworth created Zap! in 2004 to explore these possibilities, using the Boston Museum of Science's Theater of Electricity as her venue and instrument. Its centerpiece - MIT Professor Robert Van de Graaff's eponymous Generator, was born in 1931 as one of the world's largest atom smashers. It is still the largest of its kind in the world, standing forty-feet tall and producing up to 1.5 million volts of electricity.

Zap!, a composition in seven parts, takes the sounds of this machine, two large Tesla Coils, and a Jacob's Ladder, merged with rock rhythms and sweet melodies performed by Robert Black, David Cossin, Felix Fan, Philippa Thompson, Eddie Whalen, & Evan Ziporyn. The resulting music is ... electrifying!




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